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February 12, 2016

Josh wants to understand what he's missing out with all this Deadpool hype. Joe asks what kids watch when the TV is broken & gets sucked down a wormhole of YouTube crap. YouPorn wants to save the whales one pump at a time. Josh tries to ...


February 11, 2016

Just the brothers this morning & Nasty gets to see how awful it is to hang out w/ drunks when you're not drunk. Open Bar is really the great equalizer. How does Joe bring down his dryness without using microbeads? Paul McCartney is hire ...


February 10, 2016

What's proper gym etiquacy when seeing an attractive woman? Do you approach her? When tanning, make sure you toss on your Hog Sock to avoid burning the turkey. Dude throws a gator through a Wendy's window. Some classic CNY TV commercials ta ...


February 9, 2016

What's amazing is how many "Big" people are in CNY radio. Why? We also hear some pro-level broadcasting out of Market #1. Dude spends $30k on the Super Bowl & there's nothing we'd pay that much money for. Cruises are awesome, especially ...


February 8, 2016

It's the day after The Super Bowl & we're all feeling a little worn down. We rank the best national anthems of all time & Lady Gaga deserves to be in that group. Did you know if your goalie equipment is in the car, you just might be ...


February 7, 2016

Bad moods, good food & financial advice. It's this week's Sunday Brunch! Sunday Brunch is powered by Salt City Eats, available wherever you get your apps. ...

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