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July 29, 2015

Today’s the day they announce the first act at the new amphitheater & speculation is circulating. By the time you listen to this episode, you’ll already know that it’s Miranda Lambert, but let’s pretend you don&r ...


July 28, 2015

As we adjust to the newest incarnation of The Show, Mr. Krabs had a note that we needed a “professional announcer” — so we got one. Someone is pooping in golf holes & it’s hilarious. Lots of Code Brown stories. W ...


July 27, 2015

Yeah, so… Some things happened. Let’s start there. KROCKATHON was also this past weekend & Carsen went in to full FireBitch in front of Breaking Ben. Polar Bears are just interested in seeing you without clothes on, Josh&rs ...


July 24, 2015

We are out at the New York State Fairgrounds getting ready for KROCKATHON tomorrow. Hunter has to admit that maybe he wasn’t 100% right about swimming in Poop Lake. Paulie admits to Watter Doggin’ in Skaneateles Lake. Carsen has ...


July 23, 2015

Congrats to fast food workers — you’ll be making more than most professionals now. That’s gotta feel pretty awesome. Who has their resume ready to send to Arby’s? The big swim happened in Liverpool last night & w ...


July 22, 2015

There’s science behind Dad Bod because dads get fat when they are dads. Apparently we are “fat shaming” people who don’t wanna diet. Today’s the big Onondaga Lake swim & no celebrities will be there. Hunter ...

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