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April 25, 2017

It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! What are the bases? Best choruses of the 00's & Paulie's Celebrity Minute. ...


April 25, 2017

Big 48 hours for KROCK starting today with Paulie getting his stupid tattoo. Scott Baio is completely savage. A kid drives 800 miles & we have no idea why. We break down what the bases are & Tess' was completely overshooting it. Bil ...


April 24, 2017

It's your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today's show! What are some of the things we're supposed to know how to do? Chalkdust returns & some crap music! ...


April 24, 2017

We never know what JRRBL is going to leave in the studio. This week, it seems like a crystal in an empty Peeps box for Tess. Josh has some unanswered questions after a night of Jame'o. Local dude breaks a world record by bowling a perfect g ...


April 23, 2017

We open up with some financial talk. Paulie's getting hit on by strange men. Adult birthdays need to stop & even Rick Deyulio joins us! This week's Sunday Brunch is powered by Salt City Eats, available now in your favorite app store. ...


April 21, 2017

Barista's are losing their mind over the stupid Unicorn Frap & you'll probably have no sympathy. Tess thinks she had high school friends, but Facebook proves otherwise. A girl in the Ukraine almost twerked a guy to death. Pauly Shore is ...

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Raincast: Utica Comets Coach Travis Green

listen here to Snipe The 5 Hole

Raincast: Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger

listen here to Mike Einziger of Incubus

#Raincast: WWE Superstar Rich Swann

WWE Superstar Rich Swann 3-15-17

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JRRBLL’s Corner for April 16, 2017

…Here is the Lead off track from the New Overkill CD, The Grinding Wheel…It is A Pounder & a Sure Fire  welcome back to an Old friend…It’s Called: Mean, Green, Killing Machine….Have Fun!….

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