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October 9, 2015

Don’t you chicks see each other naked all the time? Josh had always assumed you have, so this video on buzzed blows his mind. Looks like CNY is a pretty damn safe area, atlas when it comes to natural disasters. We cover this week&rsqu ...


October 8, 2015

It’s time again for all the Peanuts holiday specials & we start w/ The Great Pumpkin, but come to find out, Josh hates Peanuts. There’s a pumpkin shortage & Josh can never seem to grow them on his Funny Farm. The Albany ...


October 7, 2015

Sadness as we learn that Josh did not win “Best of Syracuse” in either of his categories this year. Deadspin has seen enough evidence to claim Buffalo Bill’s fans are the craziest in the NFL & we’ve got some of y ...


October 6, 2015

Josh hit the sauce last night (yes, on a Monday) & Carsen has to remind him that he’s not a kid anymore. The cow is still loose in Utica & it’s major news for some reason. A pilot dies while flying a plane so they landed ...


October 5, 2015

Josh & Carsen spent their Sunday together in a car, tailgating for the Bills/Giants game & Josh takes the gas tank to its limits. Carsen did get to meet an iconic drummer while there. Erik Estrada was in town and we had no idea, but ...


October 4, 2015

We head to Burger King to talk JRRBLL, Fall television, Twtiiter, bad reporting and more. Sunday Brunch is powered by Salt City Eats, a guide to great local eateries, now in your app store. ...

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