Playlist: Jam Sessions

The K-Rock Jam Sessions is 3 hours of the best live and improvised jam band music on the radio. Every Sunday, 9pm-midnight the Jam Sessions broadcasts everything you can't find elsewhere on the radio: Phish, Grateful Dead and everything in between like Soulive, moe., Disco Biscuits and String Cheese Incident. Featuring weekly segments like The Set Break (60 uninterrupted minutes of a concert recording), The Concert Calendar and The Dead of Night (every show ends with a Grateful Dead song), the Jam Sessions is the a great way to ease you into your upcoming week.

About Kyle


I first came to Syracuse in 1995 to study broadcasting at SU. After graduating I briefly moved to Philadelphia to pursue a career in television journalism. Disillusioned, I returned to Syracuse in 2000 to try and figure out what someone who doesn't want to work in TV does with a degree in broadcasting. I remember thinking "I'd love to work in radio but I'm not much of a 'rock' guy... if only I could do something with the music I love." Enter the Jam Sessions. Since March of 2001 I have had the tremendous privilege of hosting the only jam band radio program in CNY. Thanks for listening and have great shows!

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